100+ year old home - Madisonville, TN

by Mark
(Madisonville, TN, USA)

This home is owned by the First United Methodist Church of Madisonville. It was used as a rental home for several years as it came with the purchase of additional land that is being used for parking. Due to the high cost of restoration, the church is offering this house for reclamation and salvage. We are told that the siding alone has a high value plus other things within the home seem to indicate that this is a good reclamation project. The church is offering this home for $10.00 under the condition that it is totally removed within a reasonable period of time. The home has some mold present in one of the bathrooms that must be taken into consideration by anyone wishing to tackle this project. Other conditions apply to insure that the home is fully removed. For further information please call Mark at 423-442-1327 or email [email protected]

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