100 year old Tobacco Barn Nashville, Tennessee

by Lori Birckhead
(Joelton- Nashville, TN)

This beautiful barn is a 30 x 30 tobacco barn on our 97 acre farm. This sits next to a creek and little waterfall. All the old timers in this community have told me stories of playing in the creek and waterfall as they watched their daddy’s work with the tobacco hanging in the barn.

Our farm is a mission farm- we grow food for area food banks and often have volunteers to help. We were approached with the notion of a small campground down by the old tobacco barn. I realized quickly that It would take more funds than we have to make the old barn safe for kids. So it’s time to look at repurposing the barn and possibly build a pavilion in its place.

My name is Lori Birckhead and my contact is [email protected]

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