180 Year Old Tobacco Barn - Western Kentucky

by Joan

Beam Barn - outside west view

Beam Barn - outside west view

Beam Barn - outside west view
Wall 1 - Interior
Wall 2 Interior

The first structure was an old tobacco barn, locally referred to as the Beam Barn. This has an inner structure of approximately 24’ x 24’ hand hewn logs of virgin timber and was built in the early 1800's perhaps 1820. Until recent times, the roof was intact providing decent protection cover to most of the structure. The structure is surrounded by additional wood sided areas and was open to one side creating a carport type area for parking equipment is open on one side – presumably serving as a space to keep equipment under cover. The barn is empty except for residual straw on the ground.structure is cleared of contents.

The main wall beams in this building are 14 inches wide, 7 inches thick and some span the entire length of the walls – 24’. There are 7-8 highThese beams are stacked 7-8 units high. We had Tthe wood species of these large beams, identified via the USDA, and the beams are poplar ( Liriodendron). There are additional ceiling beams which were not sampled but are presumed to be of the same species.

The roof of this structure is made of covered with (approximately 2’ x 4’ sections) galvanized tin pieces – both the main inner beam area as well as the auxiliary surrounding structure. The outer structure walls are made of this tin on 2 sides – (north and south) - with a small section of tin on the west side. The remaining part portion of the west side is covered in 1 x 6 or 1 x 12 plank vertical siding which is sweetgum ( Liquidambar), per the USDA.

The Please view the attached 2 video links showing the Beam Barn are a good review of this barn. I have additional pictures of the barn prior to the roof falling in which I can provide. Per a family request. Additional photos are available. We will be retaining, 2 beams of this structure would be set aside for family use.



This barn is one story and has partially collsaped on the outer structure. It would be a realtively easy dismantle based on the notched beam structure.

There are 2 other structures nearby that are also candidates for salvage - primarily tin covered structures with wood beam main structure.

Review of these building for quoting purposes needs to be coordinated with farming activities as this is active crop land areas.

Email: [email protected]

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Dec 27, 2018
Burris Construction - need contact NEW
by: Anonymous

Burris Construction- you need to email me with your contact info as well as background on your company.

email as noted inlisting.

[email protected]

Dec 27, 2018
Burris,construction NEW
by: Cortney

Intersted in barn.

Dec 10, 2018
Trying to contact Roy Lee NEW
by: Joan Rolwing


I called your phone number as listed and a woman picked up and said I had the wrong phone number.

Please email again with a good phone number and I will return your call

Nov 26, 2018
Roy's barns removal NEW
by: Roy Lee

Very interested in your barn an I'm very hard working an I travel to get jobs like yours so if any way possible wud very much like to talk business with u please contact me at 270-692-9356

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