1880 real bank barn 65×45 over 5,000 sq.ft. waterman il

by Peter malmgren
(Waterman IL usa)

This is a rare (real)bank barn built on a natural hill side in flat land. It came from a original land grant to John ( the trooper) woods from the queen for service to the crown the woods family came to settle in Pennsylvania on the land provide them.

They went west to Plano IL then relocated the woods family to waterman IL where Diane woods malmgren lives and is now selling the barn built by her great grandfather Isaac.

It has a metal roof that has been worked on 2 years ago we replaced 5 sheets of roofing it need 2 more that recently blown off.the barn structure is in great shape the sidings has some repairs on the so.side ( pix) .it's a true 3 story with 3×13 basement FL . joist 10 - 12in.on center for extra support.

The first floor has 2×12 joists 16 on center. From basement fl.to peaks is about 50ft.the square foot is over 5,000 .the beams are formed from virgin white pine.all pegged built .with a lime stone wall on the west side and along the hill a rock and lime stone combo the building stands 65×45.

our phone is 815 757 9048

[email protected]

The siding is ship lap.the beams are large about 8×8.there are 4 horse stalls with some oak flooring .the wood is all clear no knots. We would entertain a real offer.please call if you are interested in relocation or salvage.

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Mar 09, 2015
Photo? NEW
by: Jennifer

Very interested. Do you have photos?

Feb 25, 2015
Barn Salvage NEW
by: Brad's Salvage


Do you still have barn for sale, if so I would like to see picture of barn, and I have been doing this business for more than 10 years and we have insurance.

pls email me back
[email protected]


Jan 10, 2015
I can send pictures NEW
by: owner

Hey guys if you need pictures please ask

Jan 10, 2015
rare farm for sale on a naturally occurring hill in flat lands NEW
by: Peter malmgren

Thanks for the concern we have gotten some great response

Jan 10, 2015
1880 Barn NEW
by: Charles Howell

Good Morning.
I saw your barn advertised on this site. I am a full time timber framer and a restorer of barns. I would be interested in seeing photos of your barn and to further discuss a possible re-purposing. We never diminish the history of these structures by sawing them into flooring or parting them out so someone can have a few old beams in their great room. I am fully insured, experienced, and have the necessary equipment to safely dismantle your barn. and give it a new life as an intact symbol of another time.

Charles Howell
Howell Timberframe
[email protected]

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