1901, 40 X 30, 2,400.00 Sq Ft, Barn for Sale in Garrettsville OH 44231

by Amy Otto
(8173 High Street, Garrettsville OH 44231)



We are looking at demoing and or selling the wood on our barn. The parcel # 19-001-00-00-056-001 The Bank Barn (Typical) was build in 1901 and is located across the street from 8173 High Street, Garrettsville, OH 44231 there is 2 stories of barn wood (40 X30) with 2400 sq ft of wood. The top floor (3rd Floor) was used for a basketball court. The roof has caved in.

The foundation looks good and we would like to keep it to rebuild a new barn.

We are in need of some help with removing the 2nd and 3rd floors and also hoping to sell the wood to the same company that is removing the wood.

Please contact me at anytime. We need as much help and suggestions as possible. Thank you for your consideration.

Amy Otto
[email protected]

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