1970's Ohio Tobacco Barn

by Sam Hitchman
(Felicity Ohio)

I am selling a 32'x72'x14'(eave height) tobacco barn which was built in 1970-72. Barn was built using rough sawn, true dimensional timbers, species which are primarily poplar, oak, and hickory. The lumber is as follows:
Posts: True 8x8's- poplar- 90% are good; some rot at post bases, apprx 1-3'
Rafters: True 2x12's- oak/hickory- no significant damage
Girts: true 2x6's- mostly poplar, in perfect condition
Purlins: true 2x4's- mostly poplar, some minimal water damage
There is also a boat load of 4x4's (used for hanging tobacco), and a lot of horizontal/diagonal blocking/bracing in 2x6-2x12" dimensions.
Posts/rafters were on 8' centers, with only one center/ridge post on the gable ends. Posts were around perimiter and down center/ridge of barn (hand cut rafters, not trusses). Full double sliding doors on both gable ends of the barn. Otherwise there were no other windows/doors.

Galvalume metal is in great condition! Roof metal is rusty, but plenty strong enough for three large guys to walk on. Side metal is in almost like new condition; bottom 4-6" here or there has some rust where dirt built up around bottom edge.

I carefully dismantled the barn back in March and have the barn stacked off the ground, and covered. We had hoped to pull nails to bring down but it was too difficult with it standing; thus the lumber had to be trimmed as close as possible to its connections with a chainsaw. The metal was removed by taking an angle grinder to the heads of the nails which left a slight scar, but no cuts, on the metal surface which allowed us to take the metal off without putting big dents/holes in it. Only a couple of the center posts cracked during bringing down the barn.

I don't know how many board feet are in the barn, but there is at least (2) fully loaded 40' trailer loads worth of material from the barn. I am selling everything from the old barn as one package which includes the metal, doors, and lumber, all of which is easy to access with heavy machinery and pull right up to load.

I'm not in the business of buying/selling barns so I don't have a perfect idea of what this barn is worth. I am asking $25,000 for everything, but will entertain serious and legitimate offers. Looking to get it gone immediately!

Barn is located in Felicity Ohio, 45120. You can call or text me, Sam Hitchman, at 513-593-5501. You may also email me at [email protected] You can see more of the barn on my FB business profile, Sam Hitchman Ceramics.

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