2 Barns For 1 Price In Jackson, Ohio 45640 (Sold)

by SOLD!
(Jackson, OH 45640)

Barn #1

Barn #1

Barn #1
Barn #2
Barn #2
Old JISCO Furnace

These barns are Sold!

"We had people from all over the country contact us & numerous people show up in person to look at them.

What a FREE service you are providing people who hope to see their barns relocated elsewhere or the lumber & metal repurposed.

Thanks again!

*****Let me say first that all interested parties should plan on meeting with me at the barn location so the buyer can personally identify all the types of wood used to build them. All the stated species of lumber used in this listing is based on comments from others who have already looked at the barns and my best guess.*****

Both of these barns were made of rough sawn lumber. Most of which I believe is oak and pine. The siding is mostly 1-2 inch thick tongue and grove/ship lapped pine boards which I think were recycled from old boxcars or something that was used on the railroad and left in the area.

The first barn is roughly 24 X 60 and used to have a cattle ramp on the side but it was torn off and I believe it's in a pile next to it. The structure of this barn is kind of leaning and part of the metal roof is just starting to come off. This barn has a hay loft.

The second barn is roughly 36 X 48 and is in better shape. If you look at the pictures you will see one of the old JISCO Furnace which produced pig iron here in Jackson for about 50-60 years. I included it because if you look in the background you will see barn #2 in the distance. The picture is from the 1920's. This barn has 2 floors inside plus a ground floor accessible from both sides from the outside. The top floor is a very large hay loft area. There is also another pile of old lumber on the site next to barn #2 which I think was another building. All lumber from the barns and in the piles are included.

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Apr 13, 2015
question NEW
by: Anonymous

i have a question about your barns. do you have an email address I could send my question to?

Mar 03, 2015
Still have barns? NEW
by: Anonymous

I would like to visit and talk about the barns.



Feb 19, 2015
Accepting Offets NEW
by: John


Still accepting offers.

Feb 08, 2015
Response to Mark NEW
by: John Moore

Jackson is about 2 hours from Zanesville.

Please plan on a visit to check the barns out soon.


Feb 08, 2015
Barns? NEW
by: Mark

Do you still have them? How far are you from Zanesville, Ohio?

Feb 06, 2015
Jackson, Ohio barns NEW
by: Ellen Stevenson

What price are they seeking? My husband was from Jackson and remembers Jisco's. It would be appropriate that our "new" barn would have roots from his home town. Also would need to find someone to tear down and move.
thanks. [email protected]

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