40 x 50 Gambrel Dairy Barn - Delaware, OH

by Mike Carper
(Delaware, Ohio)

Barn Loft
Hand hewn beams

Selling a really neat old 40x50 Gambrel barn where my grandparents milked Jersey cows for more than 50 years. I grew up next door to my grandparents and spent many hours in that barn helping milk cows and putting hay up in the hay loft.

This barn measures 40 x 50 and includes approximately 14 window openings (some of the glass is gone) and a room in the center where we stored the feed. It also has a metal roof.

One of the most exciting features in this barn is the hay loft which spans the length and width of the barn (40x50) and still includes the hay track where we pulled hay up into the loft.

Most of the beams measure 10x10 and are hand hewn. There are also a few larger hand hewn beams and a few sawed beams.

I have no idea what year this barn was built but my mother grew up milking cows in this barn and today she is 83 years old.

I own the farm now and I'm looking for someone who is interested in moving the barn from this location. I would want the barn to be removed within a month or two of being sold.

You can contact me if interested by cell phone or email. PLEASE NOTE: I'm keeping the block milk house attached to the left side of the barn.

Mike Carper
Delaware, Ohio
[email protected]

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