63x58 Dutch Barn - Ogallala, NE

by Anonymous
(Ogallala, NE)

This old barn has been well used on a still working farm. It was built 1900’s give-or-take a few years. As is typical with most gargantuan barns, there are massive beams throughout the structure. I know nothing about joists or woods used. The roof looks to be the original wood shingles. Although neglected, The barn is currently structurally sound and has been used for storage.

Double doors give entrance to a large common area often used to house cattle in inclement weather. Flanking the center is a total of six stalls, three on each side.
There are separate areas on the right and left of the center pen. One side has head gates for milking purposes and storage. Other side has manger and large pen commonly used as a nursery. And of course, the massive, beautiful hayloft, or haymow as our family called it.

Exact Dimensions of the building are 63’4” x 58’8”.

We would love to see the reclaimed wood from this barn put to good use. Best offer.
Will send more pictures upon request.
[email protected]

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