Bargain Gable Pole Barn Designs

24'x30' Gable Barn

These gable pole barn barn designs maximize the use of materials to give you the most bang for your buck.

It is a barn design with plenty of room for a small farm or home shop. This barn also converts well into a barn home.

24'x30' Gable Barn front

For those of you who are looking for pole barn kits that don't compromise on quality this is the kit for you. The timber frame structure of these wood pole barn designs will last for generations. With modern steel plate joinery you can be assured that your barn will outlast any common pole barn packages.

24'x30' Gable Barn side

This barn kit includes the same basic components that all of our barn kits include. It also includes one cupola, a full loft, stairs, and an outside loft access door. The sidewall is 10' with a first floor ceiling height of 8'. This is your chance to get a beautifully hand crafted traditional post and beam barn at an affordable price.

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