Gratiot Gambrel Barn Designs

gambrel2 Here you will find several gambrel barn designs. The gambrel roof became popular on barns after the American Civil war. The Gambrel barn allowed farmers to increase the size of their loft space without making the barn any bigger.

The term gambrel refers to a broken hook shape, or the shape of the hind leg of a horse, the knee joint is sometimes called the gambrel joint.

Here is a 3d interactive model of a typical Gambrel barn frame. Use your mouse to interact with the model.

Gambrel-design-with-cupolas-and-a-lean-to Gambrel-with-lean-tos-and-a-hay-hood Big-gambrel-barn-with-gable-addition 36x40-gambrel-barn

As you can see our many options allow you to show your own unique style. These are a far cry from your ordinary cookie cutter pole barn designs.

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30x40 Gambrel barn

Our gambrel designs are inspired by the grand old gambrel barns found in Gratiot county Michigan.

Bargain Gambrel Barn Designs

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