Post and Beam Barn Survives Hurricane Mathew...

Ernest started his barn with our 40x50 Horse Barn Plans.  He has tweaked a few things to make the design his own, and I gotta say I am digging his take on it.  He was halfway done with his barn and Hurricane Mathew was looming on the horizon.

I can't imagine how worried he must have been knowing that his barn and all his hard work was going to be put to the ultimate test before it was even finished!  

But alas, his barn survived without any damage, and due to the literal wind fall of trees around his area, from the hurricane. He found several logs that he could saw to finish his barn.   

Ernest has documented the whole process on his instagram page, and has agreed to share his story with us.  Below you will find his story in short Instagram posts.  

He cut Cypress and Pine trees to build his post and beam barn..

"So far all the trees we been sawing up to build the barn have came from the property. Haven't had to buy any trees yet. It was a little windy so I cut it most the way then came back out to the road to make sure nobody drove up and let the wind do the rest! Lol"

Then, he milled timbers for his barn with a small bandsaw sawmill...

"Got two 6"x10"x20' tie beams from one section of a tree."

Stack some lumber... Stack it stack it... #barn #barnraising #weddings #countryweddings

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Got two 6"x10"x20' tie beams from one section of a tree. #sawyer #sawmill #lumberjackin #weddingbarn #rusticwedding

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"Starting to get some posts stacked up. Gonna appreciate this barn once it's finished more that if I would have went and bought a kit!"

The Prazi Beam Saw, Proves it's Worth...

"The Prazi beam cutter is the trick for cutting thick beams in one pass."

The Prazi beam cutter is the trick for cutting thick beams in one pass. #barnbuild #prazi

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Time to Build some Bents...

Daddy helping lay out the first bent. #weddingbarn #postandbeam #barn #countryweddings

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Getting them put together. #weddingbarn #countrywedding #southga #goldenisles

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Starting to lay things out. #weddingbarn #rusticwedding #countrywedding

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Center part of the barn. Photo from up on top of the front end loader. Lol

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The Bents Start to Rise...

#weddingbarn #goldenisles #southgeorgia

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Two down many more to go. #wedding #barns #postandbeam #woodlandmills

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A Hurricane Looms...

"We didn't get as much done as we wanted before the hurricane hits but got the barn braced off and hoping it will stand up to "Matthew"

"Strapped the barn to a log and the tractor on the end that had the least framing finished. But I'm glad the barn stood hurricane Matthew. When it's completely finished I'll be riding out storms in the barn."

A Windfall of Wood 

"Hurricane Matthew clean up means lots of trees to build the barn."

Got me a nice pile of sticks started. #weddingbarn #hurricanematthew #stsimonsisland

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A Bird's Eye View...

That's a steep roof!

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Drone photo of the Barn site. #weddingbarn #weddings

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Getting the metal roof installed. Be so glad to get off this high and 10/12 pitch roof.

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To Be Continued....

We will be following the progress of this great barn and will update this page as time goes on... 

 ***Please note: Our full barn kits are only available within a limited shipping area.  We are sorry if you are out of that shipping area, we are working on solutions for you that would include, hardware packages, templates for cutting your own timbers, lists of local timber suppliers, lists of local contractors, etc.  Sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date on the progress of these resources.  

Learn to build your very own post and beam barn!

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