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Two barns from the 1930's

We have 2 barns, one is ~40x56 and was likely the dairy barn, the other is closer to 60x60 and was the horse barn. Interior hand hewn wood is in excellent

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*NEW* Hugon Barn - Ohio Valley Barn Salvage


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1890's Barn to be recycled - Elmira, NY

2-story Windmill Barn (Windmill already removed and not available) that the owners (sadly) were not able to restore. 2x4 Balloon framing on walls. Double

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36x50 barn - Summitville, Ohio

1800's hand hewn bank barn, 3 bays & 4 bents. 36' WX 48' L. Multiple different kinds oak wood. Roughly 14' to eave plates; another 12' to peak. Plenty

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2 story 1850’s Yankee Barn - Salem, Ohio

Built in the 1850’s - and original to the farm - this 2 story Yankee barn housed many farm animals and many memories over the years!! It’s in good condition

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Old barn Elk Point SD

Hello I inherited my house from my Grandfather. This has been in my family 5 generations. My Grandpa always told me it was an old Mortuary from the cemetery

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Old Open Mow Barn 40 x 60 - Iowa

Barn for Sale near Eldora, Iowa. This is an open Mow/loft barn. the hay lofts are on either side in the lean areas. It has native lumber beams and posts

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120 yr. Old Red Heart Pine Barn - Mccurtain County, OK.

120 yr. Old Red Heart Pine Barn 30 x 30 x 30 2 story barn with full hay loft, 2 corn cribs, center breeze way opening to livery area Hand Hewn Beams 6

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Old 36x70 Gambrel Barn - Cohocton, NY

Old 36x70 Gambrel Barn Cohocton NY This barn was built in the mid 1800's. It has seen better days. It is in need of a lot of repair. The roof has been

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Tobacco barn - Gallatin, Tennessee

We are looking for someone to completely remove this barn for recycle from this family historical farm in middle Tennessee. It has an old hay loft and

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Barngeek Art and Swag

Here is the place to purchase your favorite barn geek art and swag apparel

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Plush house for the girls

I found your plans and decided to use them for my new chicken house, as they seemed so simple. I changed the width and used old scrap wood for most of

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30x40 1880's post and beam barn - Salisbury, Massachusetts

The barn is located in Salisbury Massachusetts and was built in 1880. It is a post and beam structure with a new roof. The structure itself is in reasonably

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2 Barns 40x80 & 25x30 - Custar,OH

2 BARNS (40x80) and (25x30) BOTH MUST GO TOGETHER Age:unknown Timber:misc hardwoods TONS of usable wood from this barn it is all in great shape.and in

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50 x 30 2 story barn - Hickman County, TN

The barn is about 45 years old. It is oak boards with a beautiful silvery sheen. It was built by my husband and I. It has a hay loft the whole second floor.

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