Reclaimed lumber from Barn and Architectural Salvage Companies.

STOP!! Watch this video first!  Don't list your barn until you see this important information!! 

Are you looking for reclaimed lumber in your area? 

Do you have an old barn that needs to be removed? 

Sometimes an old barn gets to the point where it is an eye sore and a danger to your friends and family.  Insurance companies won't insure it anymore, which opens you up to lawsuits should some trespasser get injured while exploring your old barn.  Maybe your old barn has become such a hazard that it actually devalues your property.

So what do you do?

Do you burn it down?

You can get into big trouble if you burn your barn down.  Most local governments have laws that restrict burning and prohibit burning buildings.  The fire can quickly get away from you and spread.  If this happens you will be slapped with big fines!

I can guarantee if you burn your barn, you will get caught, and you will be fined!

Can you have an excavator bury your barn?

Again, there are strict environmental protection laws that prohibit this type of activity.

So what is the best solution?

Have your barn recycled.

This helps the environment by saving trees that would normally be cut for lumber.  Not only that but your barn will live on in homes across the country.  Honoring the hard work and dedication that went into building your old barn in the first place.  You will be preserving a piece of our great American heritage!        

Looking for a barn salvage company in your area?  We have compiled a list of barn reclamation companies here.  Please feel free to browse these companies. 

After you have selected one to work with and retain their services...come back to this page and rate their performance.

Note:  Before you list please make sure you read this!

Each Reclamation Company listing must include all of your contact information in the body of the listing.  This is how customers will contact you if they need your services!  Thank you.

Do you have a barn wood salvage company?

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I get calls and emails weekly from folks all over the country who have barns that need to be recycled.

There is no way I can personally serve all of these clients. This is where you come in.

Help us build a community of Barn reclamation companies.

People with old barns will be able to search through this page and find companies in there area to serve them.

Feel free to go into detail about your company. Share any pictures you have. This will make your listing stand out.

Here at we understand that each barn reclamation project is different. Please don't discuss the details about any particular project.

You may add references to your listing but don't talk about how much you charge for a reclamation job or whether you pay for barns. This type of discussion is between you and the barn owner.

We reserve the right to edit or delete your posting if it violates our policies.

Barn Salvage Companies

Click below to see barn salvage companies in your area.

Reclaimed Reserve, Danville KY 
We identify old wooden structures that need a new purpose in life including barns and old houses. We work safely to dismantle structures in way that …

Historic Lumber - Ontario, Canada 
We have been in the Business of recycling barns and houses for over 40 years and have one of the largest inventories with in southern Ontario. We recycle …

Divine Heritage Barns LLC - Serving east central Indiana 
Divine Heritage Barns LLC is a barn reclamation company based out of Greenfield, IN. Our mission is to put Indiana’s crumbling historic barns to good use …

Zampieri's Carpentery, Denver, Colorado  
I work with some of the best. I love wood working and have done it for 15 years ever since my Tour in the Marine Corps ended. I'm a certified wood specialist …

Gene Harvey Services, Reclaim It 
We're a small, family oriented business, fully insured, ready to take on your old buildings. Whether it be a barn, tobacco drying shed, old school house …

ABOUT US Green Barn Removal specializes in the removal/reclamation of vintage wooden barns and farm structures in NE Indiana. Our clients come to us …

Timber and Stone Barn Removal 
15 years experience specializing in the dismantling, reclamation and preservation of barns, farmsteads and historic structures throughout the Great Lakes …, western North Carolina 
The reclamation and removal of old barns, cabins, and other agricultural buildings is another favorite pastime at Asheville Property Services. Born of …

Ohio Valley Barn Salvage Mount Gilead Ohio 
Ohio Valley Barn Salvage has been professionally dismantling old barn fulltime starting in June of 2013. We have successfully dismantled over 70 barn within …

Old Fashion Lumber Houston, TX and Appleton, Wisconsin  
We specialize in reclaimed lumber, barn board siding, and barn deconstruction. OLD FASHION LUMBER . com GO TO OUR WEBSITE FOR MORE PHOTOS!! (OVER …

Barnwood Market LLC - Arlington Ohio 
We travel the country taking down large timber frame barns. Have been taking them down for 10 years and do about 50 a year. If you have any to take down …


barns wanted in the Midwest  
wanted old barns all over the Midwest with seven years of experience and being a former Amish we get stuff done so if you have one that needs to come down …

Barn Salvage Companies and Contractors 
we are a reclaim co. that remove and recycle old barns and log homes.we are license and ins. and have had our buissnes for 15 years very speedy removal …

Searcy Timber Frame Structures South East Indiana 
My company came from a love of architecture, art and history all of witch are combined in a barn frame. Saving these frames reclaimed timbers and reusing …

Northwest Reclaimed LLC, Washington state 
At NWR we take great pride in each barn we salvage, forging and maintaining relationships with former owners along the way. We're a full service outfit, …

Eco Deconstruction LLC Robertsville, Ohio 
We are a barn dismantling company, we specialize in reclaiming old lumber. We also provide our customers with 100% clean ups on all jobs. Call us today …

Albert's Barn Company  
We are a full time barn dismantling company, we are fully insured with workers comp. We pay top dollar for all our barns. We work year round. Call today …

Old Wood New Use LLC 
We are located in southwest Wisconsin. We specialize in dismantling old barns and log buildings to re-erect in other places. We also salvage any good material …

JC Reclaimed Timber & Construction LLC, Kearney MO 
My name is Dominick, my brother Joe & I own and operate a full time crew out of Kearney, MO, that removes and recycles old barns and wooden structures …

Koontz Demolition & Timber Salvage New Enterprise Pennsylvania 
We buy old barns,log houses, warehouses, factory's any wood buildings 20x20 or bigger. The numbers you can reach us as cell (814)312-4479 an our office …

fully insured, professional outfit located in Columbus, Ohio. We travel across the country and pay top dollar on standing barns. cash in hand for barns …

S&S Salvage Lumber - Branson, MO 
We tear down and remove barns. No barn is too small or too large. If you have one that you would like to have gone give us a call at 417-463-6244. We usually …

MJ's Barn Removal n Clean-Up Yosemite KY 42566 
We're just some country boys from KY that love barn demolition. We have 10 experience. Please feel free to contact Justin 606-303-3680 or Michael 606-303-3593 …

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Got Old Wood Co Salt Lake City Utah Not rated yet
We dismantle barns in Idaho Utah Wyoming and other surrounding states free local pickup of Cedar fences free dismantling of outbuildings sheds garages …

Reclaimed Michigan, Waterford, MI Not rated yet
Reclaimed Michigan is a company that specializes in barn wood, custom furniture, signs, salvage and vintage finds. We work to repurpose materials from …

Restoration technologies of new jersey llc Belvidere NJ Not rated yet
Restoration Technologies relocates, recycles, and restores pre 1900 timber frame structures. Our gaol is to find new locations for as many endangered …

Hinton, West Virginia Not rated yet
We are looking for old outbuilding and barns in the West Virginia and Virginia areas. We are experienced, will pay cash before demolition, sign liability …

The Barn & Cabin Friend, LLC Not rated yet
I have been rescuing, repairing, rebuilding, and salvaging barns and other historic buildings in Ohio since 2006. I learned timber framing at The Heartwood …

Boston Mountain Reclaim Not rated yet
Boston Mountain Reclaim will remove old and unwanted structures from your property. We resale the salvaged materials to builders and homeowners. Call …

Timeless Barn Company, Frankfort, Indiana Not rated yet
Timeless Barn Company™ specializes in adapting, reclaiming, repurposing, and restoring vintage barns into amazing personal and commercial spaces. Our …

Wisconsin Reclamation Project, Green Lake Wi  Not rated yet
Wisconsin Reclamation Project was founded with a deep rooted respect and admiration for Wisconsin’s beautiful countryside. Starting a socially responsible, …

Cornerstone Demolition and Clearing - Bettendorf, IA Not rated yet
Cornerstone Demolition and Clearing Located in Bettendorf, IA Cornerstone Demolition and Clearing is a small family owned and operated business. We …

Corlett Re-Claimed Not rated yet
We are founded only a few years ago, but looking to get our hands dirty on some more barns in the area. We are looking for barns we can salvage and turn …

Eagle Reclaimed Lumber, Murfreesboro, TN Not rated yet
Eagle Reclaimed lumber specializes in recovering wood from barns that are over 100 years old. We are a unique boutique keeping records of our barns and …

Lake County Barnwood, Lake Villa IL & Monroe WI Not rated yet
We are a Barnwood salvage company. We have over ten years in experience taking barns down. We are a family company that takes pride it what we do. …

The Barn Pickers Salineville,Ohio  Not rated yet
We are a small barn reclamation company working in the tri state areas of Ohio, PA, WV. We pay top prices for your old barn or log cabin. Give us a …

Harrelson Rustic & Timber, Kansas City MO Not rated yet
Barn in your way? Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Iowa, Arkansas, Indiana or Nebraska. We will help you! 816-392-4187

We're a team of professional dismantlers, reclaiming old beautiful natural wood from old barns and houses. Call us if you have An old building that …

Buffalo Barn Salvage LLC, Buffalo, Mn  Not rated yet
Buffalo Barn Salvage, is a full service salvage company. Services include structure dismantling, concrete removal, restoration, barn conversions (save …

barn/outbuilding reclamation - West Virginia Not rated yet
We are looking for barns and outbuilding to buy in the WV area. Will pay cash, sign liability contract, and clean up building site. Please call (681)220-9750 …

Iowa Barn Savers - Guttenberg, Iowa Not rated yet
We specialize in dismantled antique barn frames and reclaimed lumber.

Good Wood Reborn - Upstate, SC Not rated yet
We started out on this reclaiming adventure looking for old lumber to build a tree house playground. Our son (he is now 2.5 yrs old) loves climbing, jumping …

Arcadia Salvage - Pell City, AL Not rated yet
We salvage wood from barns, mills, and houses throughout the southeast. We then build custom furniture and rustic home decor from the wood we've reclaimed. …

A&A Slate and Tile Not rated yet
We are a company dedicated to the restoration of Slate and Tile. We strictly remove and reclaim slate and tile from barns, houses, etc. Please don't …

The Barn Steward - Illinios Not rated yet
We are a family business reclaiming old barns. We'd love to help you be a good steward also by reclaiming, restoring, or relocating your barn. Call …

HTA Maryland Not rated yet
Removing Barns across the DC Metro area. Fair, Quick and understands the importance for safety and a satisfied customer. We take pride in the way …

Rustic Creek Barns Not rated yet
My name is Michael and I own Rustic Creek Barns®. I have been saving old barns, houses, and other outbuildings for over 15 years. If I can't move them …

Sika Barnwood Co. Not rated yet
Hello there, I live in British Columba, Canada. I salvage old barns, sheds and fences all over Western Canada. I love what I do and look forward to …

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Forge and Forest Furniture, Georgia Not rated yet
Forge and Forest Furniture is a custom reclaimed wood furniture business. We seek out and salvage lumber from 100+ year old barns and homesteads and transform …

CSW Resource Services LLC Not rated yet
We are a barn salvaging company that has served the western Ohio and eastern Indiana areas for over 20 years. We have bought and salvaged over 125 barns …

J&B Construction and Property Management - Spoffor NH Not rated yet
We are a company based in Central New England with access to many of the oldest barns and out buildings in the country. If you need a barn we can find …

Redleaf reclaimed timber,and co started Aug,13th 2015. On aug 13 of last year I broke my hand while loading lambs in the truck to go to auction. My job …

Thistlewood Timber Frame Homes / Vintage Woodcraft Inc: Markdale, Ontario, Canada Not rated yet
Founded in 1982 by Scott A. Murray, Thistlewood Timber Frame Homes is a company with its craft and materials rooted in the past. Our vision and dedication …

Reclaimed Industrial Products Carterville, IL 62918 Not rated yet
We are passionate about saving historical buildings, homes and barns. We hate to see any of them falling down burnt down or demolished and thrown away. …

Rustic Board & Beam, Manistee County MI Not rated yet
Specializing in the reclamation and repurposing of old growth barn wood. Complete removal and clean-up. Preserving the past one barn at a time. 231-970-1247. …

Creekside Barn Co Not rated yet
We have been in the barn business for over 10 years. Willing to pay a fair price barns to be disassembled. For free estimate please call Brad at 567-230-0843 …

Reclaimed West - Denver, Colorado Not rated yet
WHY RECLAIMED WEST? Reclaimed West (RW) is a provider of quality reclaimed materials, furniture, home furnishings and design/ build services. RECLAIMED …

Rosek Home Maintenance DBA Born Again Barnwood - Antioch, IL Not rated yet
We are a small family owned, Mr & Mrs. business near the IL/WI border that has passion for old wood. We see the beauty in every piece of wood we see. …

Southern Michigan Barn recovery Not rated yet
We specialize in completing the tear-down and removal of your old dilapidated Barn as well as all clean up and removal of debris and nails please contact …

Cluxton's Slate procurement Ohio Not rated yet
We remove slate roofs at no cost to you. Sometimes we may even pay a finders fee. depending on the type of slate. 513-267-6626. email: [email protected]

Renewed Timber, Central Kansas and surrounding areas, Los Angeles, CA Not rated yet
At Renewed Timber we specialize in bringing life back to hand crafted building materials of the past; a time when quality of the work, not timeliness …

S&C Salvage LLC, Salvisa, KY Not rated yet
S&C Salvage locates old barns and industrial buildings throughout Central Kentucky. These buildings are dismantled carefully to preserve the old growth …

Timbers and Pillars, Howell MI. 517.861.6564 Not rated yet
We are a renovation and recycle company. We try to save the history behind these old barns and either renovate them to be used again or dismantle and reassemble …

Cache Waste & Recycling Not rated yet
We do demos with recycling/reuse our #1 priority. We go to Idaho Wyoming Utah Nevada, maybe more. Contact Chris @ 435-757-3699.

Antique Beams & Boards LLC, Delta OH Not rated yet
We are a full service mill shop and barn reclamation business. Over 10 years of experience, fully insured and professional. We salvage barns, factories, …

Charlie Old Mule Backbone Mtn West Virigina  Not rated yet
Started in 1979 recycle old lumber from sheds to factories pay a % of market price prior to recycling Hands on USMC Nam vet disabled and Still at your …

We are a repurpose reclaimer company . Most all barns that we recieve are free to us. In some cases we remove, however ,do to the high cost of removal, …

D-Build - West Virginia Not rated yet
D-Build is a environmental company based in Fairmont, WV that disassembles residential and small commercial buildings throughout West Virginia. We assist …

Ky Barn Finds, Versailles, KY Not rated yet
We takedown old Barns to re-use the lumber for making furniture, interior home projects, etc. We also make furniture on special request. Check out …

K&W Barn Deconstruction and Clean Up, Florence AL Not rated yet
We are a company reigning out of Florence, Al. We dedicate every day of our lives to reclaimed wood. We strive to do our best on every job and will not …

Wright-away barn reclaim Not rated yet
We are a young crew with experience enjoy saving old barns for new use looking for anywhere in Ohio some ky,wv,in,PA,mich. We do clean ups any form of …

Reclaimed - Sparta Tennessee 931-808-7698 Not rated yet
Reclaimed is a small business owned by Dewayne and Robin Neese. Reclaimed was started because of a desire to salvage old lumber, farm collectibles and …

Rustik Rehab Design, LLC, Allentown PA Not rated yet
We are a small business focusing on giving materials a second chance, specifically lumber. The building techniques of the 1800 and early 1900's deserves …

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America Restored and Restoration LLC. Northeastern, Ohio (330-431-7417) Not rated yet
America Restored, and Restoration or ARnR, as we like to refer to ourselves, are a fledgling but very saavy, reclaimed barn-wood salvage, and restoration …

Ware Shoals, SC-Busbin Reclaimed Lumber & Deconstruction  Not rated yet
Busbin Reclaimed Lumber & Deconstruction Owner/Operator: Wesley 864-337-1702 Project Manager: Amy Case 864-538-9903 We are a small business with …

Logs, Lights and Creations Woodbury, MN Not rated yet
We are a small, grassroots company, performing teardowns and salvage of barns and other farm buildings across Minnesota. We have a unique approach, …

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