Reclaimed lumber from barn and architectural salvage companies.

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Do you have an old barn that needs to be removed?

Sometimes an old barn gets to the point where it is an eye sore and a danger to your friends and family. Insurance companies won't insure it anymore, which opens you up to lawsuits should some trespasser get injured while exploring your old barn. Maybe your old barn has become such a hazard that it actually devalues your property.

So what do you do?

Do you burn it down?

You can get into big trouble if you burn your barn down. Most local governments have laws that restrict burning and prohibit burning buildings. The fire can quickly get away from you and spread. If this happens you will be slapped with big fines!

I can guarantee if you burn your barn, you will get caught, and you will be fined!

Can you have an excavator bury your barn?

Again, there are strict environmental protection laws that prohibit this type of activity.

So what is the best solution?

Have your barn recycled.

This helps the environment by saving trees that would normally be cut for lumber. Not only that but your barn will live on in homes across the country. Honoring the hard work and dedication that went into building your old barn in the first place. You will be preserving a piece of our great American heritage!

Looking for a barn salvage company in your area? We have compiled a list of barn reclamation companies here. Please feel free to browse these companies. After you have selected one to work with and retain their services...come back to this page and rate their performance.

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I get calls and emails weekly from folks all over the country who have barns that need to be recycled.

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Help us build a community of Barn reclamation companies.

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You may add references to your listing but don't talk about how much you charge for a reclamation job or whether you pay for barns. This type of discussion is between you and the barn owner.

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Barn Salvage Companies

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barns wanted in the Midwest  Not rated yet
wanted old barns all over the Midwest with seven years of experience and being a former Amish we get stuff done so if you have one that needs to come down … Hubbardston mi Not rated yet
. Creation Woodworks is a family owned business which specializes in custom woodworking from reclaimed wood. We love to re-use wood that otherwise would …

Barn Salvage Companies and Contractors Not rated yet
we are a reclaim co. that remove and recycle old barns and log homes.we are license and ins. and have had our buissnes for 15 years very speedy removal …

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