Reclaimed wood floor quote

Thank you for your intrest in our reclaimed wood flooring.

Our starting price is $5.99 per square foot.

That is for a antique wood floor hardwood blend. Tongue and grove up to 5 inches wide random length.

We can supply specific species such as oak and elm, and wider planks. These have a higher price per square foot.

We can supply almost any quantity large or small.

Please remember reclaimed flooring is not for everyone. Buying reclaimed flooring is not just a purchase it is a commitment.

New hardwood is much less expensive and much easier to install.

We are very selective on who gets our reclaimed flooring. It is a rare commodity and takes a lot of work to produce.

Below are a few questions for you to answer, answering these questions will help us recommend a flooring product that meets your needs.

Reclaimed Flooring Survey

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.
I love all of those things they add to the rustic beauty of my home.
I can live with some defects but not too many.
I don't want defects but knots are ok.
I don't want any knots or defects.
contractor/professional that I know.
myself, family member, or friend
I haven't decided on that yet but I want someone who is experienced and appreciates the reclaimed flooring.
Get a new installer.
assume there is something wrong with the flooring and try to return it.
try to convince the installer to install it anyway.
lowest price I can get
the fact that it is recycled
I love the rustic patina of the antique wood.
I want something different than my neighbors.

Please enter the word that you see below.


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