A reclaimed wood floor is the most beautiful floor you can find!

Won’t your friends be amazed at the beauty of your reclaimed wood floor?


You can tell them how your old wood flooring began its life in an old barn. You can explain how antique wood floors are the most eco friendly floors.

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Antique wood flooring is the best choice when looking for green flooring


But I thought bamboo flooring was the most eco friendly!?

Not by a long shot. Lets consider that for a moment.

Where does bamboo come from?

Well, mostly from China. That means it has to be shipped from far away. That big barge that it is shipped on puts huge amounts of carbon in the atmosphere. Besides, what kind of track record do Chinese factories have for making environmentally safe products?

Did you know that most bamboo flooring is glued together with formaldehyde glue?

Yikes! No thank you!

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You can tell your friends how your antique wood flooring is more stable than other solid wood flooring.

reclaimed hardwood flooring

How it comes from old growth trees that have a tighter grain pattern than second growth trees do. That tighter grain is a result of slow straight growth from a tiny seedling reaching with all its strength up to the sunlight trickling down from the canopy above. This little tree grew taller faster than it grew wider resulting in an amazingly close set of tree rings.

You can tell your friends how good it makes you feel that you have preserved a piece of history. The old barns that your old wood flooring comes from was a symbol of the American dream. You didn’t let our forefathers dreams rot away in some landfill.

You rescued them and…
You made them part of your American Dream!

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