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Making your barn plans and planning a location

So you’ve bought that place in the country that you always wanted. Now you need to build that post and beam horse barn that has been living in your imagination for all this time. Its time to make that dream a reality. Next to your home your barn will most likely be the biggest investment you make on your land. So a little planning is the best way to start. Read more on barn planning

Barn Ventilation, Let that horse barn breathe!

What is all that loft space for? Its all about the air flow! The air in your barn must be able to move. So what makes air move within a building? Space, lots of space. Space above the first level, as much as possible. Read more about barn vetilation

Why you should consider a post and beam barn kit.

Your friends and family will be amazed by your new post and beam barn.

You will have peace of mind knowing your barn is built to stand the test of time. Timber framed buildings have been around for centuries. Since the time of the Vikings timber framing has been the first choice when building a structure that lasts. Read more about post and beam barn kits

Old barn wood, it will soon be gone!

The sun has gone down on the day of the family farm with old barns filled to the top with hay.

The old timber frame barn has fallen into disrepair and is crumbling. More and more of these majestic old structures are fading from our landscape.

A piece of our history and heritage is dying with them. Read more about old barn wood

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