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Free barn plans book.

Are you planning to build a barn and need some good ideas before you get started? This free barn plans book is a wonderful resource for barn and farmhouse building more

This reclaimed wood floor is the most beautiful!

Tell your friends how good it makes you feel that you have preserved a piece of history. The old barns that your old wood flooring comes from was a symbol of the American dream. You didn’t let our forefathers dreams rot away in some landfill.Read more

Ask a Barn Geek

We just recently acquired an old farm house complete with a large, beautiful barn that has sadly seen neglect as many unfortunate Michigan barns have...

Do you have any other recommendations on a way to repair it without losing our new house to financial ruin? read more

Barn home with recycled materials

My husband and I are making major changes in our lifestyle and are seriously thinking about building a barn home to live in.

We love the thought of recycled materials. We would heat with an outside wood burner and try to make it as energy efficient as possible. Read more

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