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Antique Building Solutions, Central Pennsylvania

by Cody Wolfe
(Centre County, PA)

Our Logo

Our Logo

Antique Building Solutions is all about bringing the work of our ancestors into the homes of those who will love reclaimed wood as much as we do. This vision is only made possible by buying centuries-old barns and disassembling them carefully by hand.

​Every barn is full of value. We are especially interested in carrier and sleeper beams, floor trusses, weathered siding, decking, finishing boards, and even roofing tin.

If you have a barn to sell or a structure that requires disassembly, request a free quote today. We promise to treat your land and wood with the respect it deserves.

Some companies refer to the deconstructing of old barns as “salvaging.” We like to think of it as reclaiming history.

Here at Antique Building Solutions, the wood that makes its way to our customers comes straight from family farms across Pennsylvania. This wood was once carefully arranged to build a structure that would protect farm animals and crops from hot summers and harsh winters. We dismantle barns the same way they went up: board by board.

Contact us today at antiquebuildingsolutions.com or call us at 814.482.0800

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