Which of these barn designs shows your own unique style?

The beauty of these barn designs is that they are fairly open leaving you many options.  No need to work around big load bearing walls as the loads are carried by the heavy timber framework of the post and beam barn.
There are many possibilities with these barn plans.  They have bent spacing that can be utilized many different ways.  You are only limited by a few simple design elements.

Below and to the right you will find several different barn designs. Feel free to browse and dream about your barn.

Your barn plans contain 10 or more pages including:

Cover Page with load and design specs.

Elevation Drawings

3D Frame Drawings

Bent Details (2-3 pages) This is the major framework of the barn. 

Post Layout

Roof Framing Detail

Loft Framing Plans

Joinery Details

Steel Plate Specs

Your Barn Plans also include an e-guide titled “How to Build Your Post and Beam Barn” 

This e-guide takes you through the construction process step by step.  It is full of illustrations and instructions including:

Site Prep and Foundation

Storing and Handling Your Lumber

Barn Frame Construction

Installing girts and purlins, board and batten siding, loft decking, and roof sheathing.

Finishing touches and painting or sealing your barn.

Three Options for Your New Barn

1. Get a full kit ready to bolt together and erect on your site.

2. Get the plans and hardware and buy your lumber from local sawmills.

3. Get stock plans and e-guide via instant download! Click on any of the sketches on the right for more information.

Available Barn Designs


Our Gambrel Barn kits are inspired by old Gambrel barns found in Gratiot County Michigan.

The Gambrel roof came into popularity after the Civil War. Many farmers replaced the Gable roof on there barn with a Gambrel roof to allow for more hay loft storage space.

So what does this mean for you?

More head room and the maximum amount of storage for your things.

The Gambrel roof barn is truly an all American Barn.

Your Gambrel barn kit comes standard with all the construction materials needed to build your barn. It includes a full loft and stairs package. These designs come in many sizes including 24x30, 36x40, and 48x60.


Our Gable barn is inspired by the high pitch gable barns found in western Michigan.

The Gable has a 10/12 pitch roof and comes with a full loft and stairs package.

Everything you need to build your Gable post and beam barn kit is included except the foundation, roofing and nails.

Hightop Horse Barn

These High Top barn designs are the perfect barns for all your horses and other livestock.

It includes 16' high center with loft for hay storage.

With 2 sliding doors on the Gable ends you can drive a tractor or skid steer all the way through making cleaning and feeding a breeze.

Store your hay above and drop bales down when it is time to feed.

Close one of the stalls off and make a tack room with an entry door to the outside.

The possibilities are endless with this classic!  There is a reason our forefathers had horse barns like these....

They just made life easier!

King Post

Sell your produce, have a picnic, or just relax in the shade of your new King Post Barn,  Pavilion or Farm stand.

Your King post Kit has a 6/12 pitch roof with a king post timber truss giving you a very strong and beautiful structure without a loft.

 ***Please note: Our full barn kits are only available within a limited shipping area.  We are sorry if you are out of that shipping area, we are working on solutions for you that would include, hardware packages, templates for cutting your own timbers, lists of local timber suppliers, lists of local contractors, etc.  Sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date on the progress of these resources.  

Learn to build your very own post and beam barn!