Barn for Sale, Harris, MN

Photo 1:  View from the south of the length of barn.

Photo 1: View from the south of the length of barn.

I think the barn was built in early 1900 based on a picture of the, then new, original farmhouse the neighbors had of their great aunt’s, who is in the picture. The picture was taken in 1914. (I have a picture of that picture.) We lived in that farmhouse until it burned on Dec. 20, 1988.

The barn is approximately 65’ L x 34’ W. It has three sections across and the two outside sections are two story high (possibly room for a third floor). The middle section is open to the roof (see photo 2).

I am unable to determine the type of hard wood used in building the barn. Several say they think the siding is oak. It could also be a combination of several types of wood (common of this era to use wood from trees close by). I believe the siding is plank construction. It has rough sawn 6X6 beams. Five or six 19’ beams appear to be in decent shape. The longer crisscross support beams are also in good shape.

If you are interested, licensed and insured call 651-308-7127. Price is negotiable as part of contract will be to remove everything, including the contents in the barn.

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