Old barns with barn siding and recycled building materials.

STOP!! Watch this video first!  Don't list your barn until you see this important information!! 

Looking for barn siding and recycled building materials?

At the bottom of the page are some old barns that need to be recycled.  There is a lot of  good used lumber in these old buildings. 

Antique lumber that can be used for many different projects.

Most of these barns are in rough shape.  They have become an eye sore and a safety hazard.  These old barns make perfect candidates for an architectural salvage project. 

Reclaimed lumber in many cases is better than new lumber you get from the lumber yard.  It has been air dried over many years making it much more stable. 

Using recycled building materials helps the environment.  It is truly a green building material.

1. The old barn wood does not end up in land fills.

2. It saves trees from being cut for new lumber.

Have a barn you want to list?

Here are a list of details that should be included in your listing:

We reserve the right to delete postings that have incomplete information.    

1. Good pictures!  You can upload up to four pictures with your listing.  Please take advantage of this feature.  This will help wood salvage companies to determine if your old barn wood is right for them. 

2. Size of the barn.  For example 40x60.
3. Size of beams and boards.  You don’t need to measure every board in your barn….unless you want to.  But you need a good idea of the sizes of your beams.  Are they mostly 8x8? Or 10x10? 
Is the barn siding 1x10 planks?  3/4x 8 ship lap? Tongue and groove?

4. Is the siding painted?  Or weathered gray?

5. Does your barn have hay lofts?  

6. Are the beams rough sawn or hand hewn?  ( hand hewn beams will have axe marks in them) 

7. Does your barn have a shingled roof? Cedar shakes? Tin?

Please note:  All submissions must have at least one picture, a minimum of 100 words describing the barn, and contact information in the body of the listing.

Do you have an old barn that needs to be recycled?

Feel free to list it here. Include as many details as you can.

Old barns to salvage

Click below to see old barns that need to be salvaged.

3 barns for sale or salvage in Chelsea MI. 20 x 40, 64 x 50, 50 x 25 
"I have 3 barns for sale or salvage south of Chelsea Michigan. Barn #1 is 20 x 40, hand hewn and rough sawn beams, corrugated, galvanized steel roof installed …

100x44 Barn - West Liberty OH 
Large unused barn with nice red and white hand hewn oak beams put together with peg and mortise. Large part built in 1880 and is 100x44. Newer section …

40 x 60 Gambrel barn - Hudsonville, MI 
over a 100 year old barn in great condition, but not practical for what we need. This barn is filled with wood hand hewn beans and the planking is all …

60 X 100 Barn - Middleburg, Virginia 
100 x 60 ft pole barn, including rough cut sawmill lumber 2x4, 2x6, and 2x12. metal siding and roof 540-454-5065

Old 40 X 199 Barn - St Johns, MI 
Over 100 years old, pegs on beams, foundation crumbling, roof leaking bad, floor to basement rotting, beams and siding good shape. 989-307-9760

19x37 Barn With 150 Year Old Wood - Renfrew, PA (Butler) 
Barn built in early 70's by my Father. He used repurposed wood from a then, 100 year old farm house in Butler, PA. The old farm house stood near Stoughton's …

16x22x22 Turn of the Century Barn - Grand Island, NY 
Free barn/wood to someone who can take care of removal professionally. I have an old barn on my property that is leaning and needs taken down. I'm …

Late 1800's Hand & Rough Sewn Beams Alexander City, Al 
Approximate dimensions are 24' x 54'. Exterior is Hawn sewn pine beams and the flooring is pine boards. The old house/barn was built in the 1850~1890 …

120 year old Wooden Feed Mill - Johnstown, PA 
The mill is 40 ft x 60 ft, 3 stories (plus attic) double planked wooden gristmill built in 1895-97 after the original mill burned down. All sawed lumber. …

Northampton county, Pennsylvania 30 x 55' bank barn with Gable roof 
Weathered bank style barn, approx 30'w x 55'L for salvage and sale in Hellertown, PA. 100+ year old barn has fieldstone foundation with stables and hand …

~1975 (2 story) Barn looking to have removed-Rochester, NH  
I have a two story barn located in Rochester, NH. I am looking to remove this and have it replaced with something newer/modern. The structure is solid, …

Old 40 X 60 Gambrel Roof Barn Franklin NC 
Built 100 years ago with additions 70 and 60 years ago, this neglected barn has rough sawn beams of up to 10" and mixed planks from 3-1/2" to 10". The …

38' x 26' Barn / Grainery near Yankton, SD 
This is an Barn / Grainery It has an ear corn bin on each side est built early 1900's 38' long x 26' wide Main beams are 2" x 12" spaced one …

Westport, MA - 90' x 200' barn with indoor riding arena & 10 stalls 
Approx. 90' x 200' with indoor standard dressage arena built in 1975. Plus 10 white pine stalls and hardware - $$ resale value. Sadly, the roof collapsed …

Old tobacco barn for sale in Versailles, KY 120x40 
Email me or call 502-905-5506 or [email protected] Approximately 100 years old. 4 tiers high. 1x10 plank boxing. Tin roof. Beams mostly 8x8. …

Barn in Canaan Valley, WV 
This barn is one of two on the former property of Red Cooper, Canaan Valley, Tucker County, WV farmer and land owner. This barn, along with the larger …

Large barn in Tucker County, WV 
Lots of old timber. This barn at one time was the primary farm barn for Red Cooper, Canaan Valley farmer and land owner. It presently sits on land purchased …

Pre-1900 Barn in Creston, OH 
The barn is roughly 20x24 feet. The main reason this is a salvage opportunity is that the barn is missing around half of its back wall, so there …

Old Barn in Iowa 
I do have a barn that needs to come down, if anyone needs barn wood, beams etc. I have it if you'd like to check it out. The story, I'm new at all this …

Tobacco Barn in Glade Hill, VA 
I have an old tobacco barn on our property I would like to sell, it's at least late 1800 to early 1900's it has a dirt floor and the beams for hanging …

100+ y.o. Barn for Salvage, 35x 80, Finger Lakes, New York 
This was an approximately 35x80 3 story barn, well over 120 years old that was 3 stories tall. Foundation problems caused it to slip from the foundation. …

Very old 25 x 66 Frederick, MD 
Buying the property and need to take down the barn FAST. Lots of valuable wood there, but I don't have time to measure. The siding is painted, some of …

40x60 tobacco barn 
It's a 40x60 tobacco barn it has hand hewn logs with round post logs in it also it is a 2 story barn it's around 30 ft to the peak it has barn siding on …

Dairy Barn in St Charles, IL 100' X 80' 
Our barn is in pretty good condition but its time for it to go. There are beams are 8X8X 30' long. There are hand hewn and rough saw beams throughout the …

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Old 40x45 barn Lake Ariel PA 
Approximately 100+ year old 40'x45'barn in Lake Ariel, PA, 20 miles east of Scranton (close to I-84 and I-81). Siding is weathered gray, unpainted, plank. …

2 barns for salvage in Deckerville, Mi. 
I have 2 old barns to be removed. The larger one looks like it was used for dairy or some kind of animals. There are cement troughs in the lower section. …

200 year old barn in Norwell MA 
200 year old cape with an attached barn. We are planning on replacing the barn with a garage and wonder if you have any interest, in barn ONLY.

Old barn in Indiana must come down 
I own an old barn that must come down. The county says it is unsafe. There is some really nice wood, and the beams are terrific. Do you know who. Might …

Old Barn to Salvage Gardiner, Maine 
Do you know of a company that purchases old barns for wood salvage in the State of Maine? I am looking for a friend of mine who does not use the internet. …

Late 1800's 16' x 20' work shed with loft near Wykoff, MN 
Rustic 16' x 20' shop or work shed with a loft built in the late 1800's. Thought to be drop siding with outside boards approximately 6" wide and varied …

Old barn partially fallen, Carsonville , MI 
Not sure of size, approximately 40x 100 dad has passed away and barn is starting to fall apart from disrepair was painted red, metal & wood roof, double …

1773 Log house Schuylkill County PA 
Log house built in 1773 needs to be removed from property. House is two and half stories and approx 4000 sq ft. Stone foundation and logs are 8 …

30 X 30 Evansville, IN 
Old 30 X 30 barn w/ hay loft for sale. Est. around year 1888. Beams are hand hewn. Approx. 550 ft of loft boards alone. The exterior wood of barn has been …

40x40 Gable Barn - Pontoon Beach, IL Not rated yet
Barn is gable design 40x40 with red painted exterior and a tin roof. Barn has not been used for several years and is empty on all levels. Barn is structurally …

Old 22x32.5 Tobacco Barn - Goshen OH Not rated yet
Free barn/wood to someone who can take care of removal professionally. Old, what appears to be tobacco style barn with a loft. Beams are a mix of 8x8 …

63'x32' 1911 3-Story Bank Barn in Central Illinois (Hanna City) Not rated yet

36' x 71' x 38' High Gambrel Roof Barn - Cook, MN Not rated yet
History: This barn was built for use in conjunction with a sawmill at the peak of the logging era in the United States. Because of that this barn's …

20x40 Barn - Hampton Roads, Virginia (Gloucester) Not rated yet
Barn is about 20 x 40; beams 8 x 8. Barn siding is weathered gray; 8 to 12' planks. There is a sturdy hay loft. Beams are hand hewn. Roof is tin. Built …

1890 Built Corn Barn - Illinois Not rated yet
Midwest Barn built in apprx 1890 for sale. Apprx 25 x 35. Vintage aged oak. Constructed of oak featuring apprx (30+) 10x10 and 8x8 pilers and other …

55x65 Barn - Jonesborough, TN Not rated yet
I am not sure of the exact age of the barn. My family purchased the farm in 1951, but the barn itself appears to be much older. It is approx 55x65 with …

80x211 Post & Beam Warehouse - Bay City, MI Not rated yet
Post and beam warehouse built in 1905. Framing material is hemlock. 80' x 211' I will have the white asbestos siding removed by a licensed contractor. …

16x22x22 Barn - Grand Island, NY Not rated yet
Looking for best offer to take care of removal and costs of removal, and a little for the salvaged lumber. I have an old barn on my property that is …


31 x 60 Banked Bow Barn - Dayton, OH Not rated yet
The barn is 31' wide by 60' long. The arched rafters are laminated redwood that are 2" x 4" and 24" apart. The roof deck is 1'" x 8" pine. The floor …

100 yr old barn for sale - Lancaster, Ohio Not rated yet
We have a three level 100+ year old barn. We would like to sell the timbers and lumber. Need to sell and disassemble quickly. Please contact us at …

100+ year old barn (30x70) Wheelersburg OH. Not rated yet
The barn is 30 x 70 and is 100+ years old. I'm not sure what kind of wood it is constructed of (probably oak). The color is weathered gray.The timbers …

Old Barn 25x50 Barn Auburn, NY Not rated yet
Weathered bank style barn, approx 25'w x 50'L for salvage and sale in Auburn, NY. 150+ year old barn has support hand hewn beams; several 25' beams. The …

"Strong Barn" Quanset Hut Style Corrugated Steel Barn near Spicer, MN Not rated yet
This is a "Strong Barn" manufactured by Granite City Steel Co of Granite City, IL. It's constructed of 2'x10' sections of 1.25oz ASTM A-361 corrugated …

1888 weathered gray oak 40×40 with tin roof Bloomfield, IN 47424 Not rated yet
This is a nice 1888 40×40 barn with a tin roof and rough sewn beams. The beams are put together with wood pegs and are 6×6 beams. I had a contractor come …

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