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Jul 11, 2015
Jhon NEW
by: Aleena

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Feb 19, 2014
by: BarnGeek

Please note the comments below specifically expressed by 'Ron' are not the views of

I almost deleted them except for the brilliant reply by Chris exposes trolls for what they are.

Don't get me wrong constructive criticism is encouraged on if it is done in a caring manner. The comments by Ron below are harsh and unnecessary. Further comments like this will not be tolerated.


Feb 19, 2014
Response to WWW & Pictures NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi Ron, thanks for your comments.

Up until now all the feedback I've received about my site was positive. Accolades are always easier to accept than criticism! But allow me to address a few issues you raise;

1) I don't see how my saying best viewed in google chrome means 'You're eliminating a
HUGE Portion of the Market by doing that!'. If someone doesn't want to use chrome they won't....they can still view my site.

2)I'm not sure which is 'the lead picture' which is black with no detail?...unless you mean the cool silhouette shot with the wild clouds in the background which is the portal to my introduction page as well as I believe the 3rd pic on same page. If you click on that pic or this

you will bring up the actual media file in your browser and will find there is considerable detail when you zoom. As to some pics being the 'pits'...sorry I'm not a professional photographer.

3)Flooring can be seen on the off size lumber page

4)By 'your "Gallery" is Sadly Lacking in Examples' are you referring to the page entitled 'down the road'?
I have 34 different images of ideas for use of this gorgeous material and a lot of people find it gives them ideas for their particular application.
Incidentally, this is a relatively new venture as I say at the beginning of my Barn Geek profile and throughout my website. I am getting people to send me pictures of what they make from this product, so it is reasonable to assume that as time goes along I will have more media.

5)As to the card you picked up, there is no phone # on it by design. There IS an email and URL. Why You think I should take off 'who you going to' is beyond me, as is the "Bad News"
sign off.

The good news is, I'm a Station House regular, You may even know me! I would be happy to address any further concerns you have whether by this means or in person


Feb 18, 2014
WWW & Pictures
by: Ron

Excuse me for being so straight forward but your web site needs a LOT of Work!

People are now Running Away From Google Chrome. A PRIVACY thing. Why Must your Site be "Best Viewed In Google Chrome"? You're eliminating a HUGE Portion of the Market by doing that!

Some of the Pictures, Especially the Lead One is the PITS! Why is it BLACK? You Can't see ANY Detail!

Where are the Barnwood Floors? One of the TOP uses for reclaimed Wood. YES! I know what I'm talking about!

Unless you've just started this Enterprise, your "Gallery" is Sadly Lacking in Examples.
That is one of your Best Sales Promotions.

I got your Business Card at "The Station" (Baldwin's) PLEASE take Off "Who you going to call" "e-mail" but there is NO e-mail address on there OR Phone Number. Bad News!!

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