Bell's Queen Anne Victorian Carriage House (Barn) - Wakefield, NH

by Dick Bell
(Wakefield NH)

Left Side
Front Corner


Bell's Queen Anne Carriage House (Barn) for sale and removal from property.

This approximate 1885 3 story hardwood post & beam with wooden pegs. It measures approx. 40 ft. wide X 50ft. long and has 3 stories. Front and back entry sliding doors are approx 11 ft. W x 12 ft. H. Has finished inside areas of hardwood wainscoting, rosettes, fancy moldings around doors, etc. All hardwood fancy finished areas with maple floors such as: stable boy's room, tack room with 3 grain bins and 2 hole outhouse, 3 horse stalls with sliding door, drive thru carriage area and carriage storage area.

First floor - All finished areas have hardwood wainscoting, rosettes, fancy moldings around doors, etc. The main floor plank areas are hardwood (? Oak or Ash) and in very good condition.

Four finished fancy 2nd floor hay storage doors in walls both sides of carriage drive thru.
Unfinished room area for 4 cows to eat. Also, has 2 long thin finished flip down cow viewing doors that are facing into the carriage drive thru area.

2nd floor – Unfinished hay loft storage area is located on both sides of the finished carriage drive thru area.

3rd floor – This unfinished open storage area is on the top of the underneath finished carriage drive thru area. It has a truss support over the 1st floor carriage storage area. Also, included is a homing pigeon roost room with an entry door.

Cupola – Approximately 6 ft. W x 6 ft. L x 9 ft. H. and with 8 smaller regular windows.

For more information contact Dick Bell
Cell 603-833-0078 or E-mail [email protected]

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Mar 31, 2018
Bell's Queen Anne Carriage (Barn) Inside pictures
by: Dick Bell (Owner)

Info To All Potential Buyers For Our Carriage House (Barn): Regarding inside barn pictures, they will be published ASAP. Note, we have items stored and we have to be selective and careful on how much we show at this time, (not to encourage theft).
Hopefully soon we will find the appropriate specific buyer or an entrepreneur for Antique Queen Anne Carriage House (Barns). Kindly respond to my E-Mail for your specific required pictures and info. Thank you
Dick Bell

[email protected]

Mar 30, 2018


[email protected]

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