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I noticed on one of the pictures for a Gable Barn you show dormers. Can they be added to plans? I don’t see any plans with dormers. I want to build an event center barn. To get the most out of the space upstairs I want to add dormers.


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Mar 16, 2018
Thanks for your question. NEW
by: The Barn Geek Crew

Hello Mary,

Right now we offer 2 plans with dormers in our Barn Plans Library. The Barn Plans Library includes over 20 digital plans, 3-d models, how to videos, our ebook, and resources to help you plan and build your barn. For $197, you get a lifetime membership so you can continue to enjoy any new plans and resources that are added.

The first is our 36x50 Gable barn with shed roof dormers.

The second is our 42x50 Teton barn with peaked dormers. The digital plans for this barn include information on building the dormers in a way that they can be reproduced on almost any barn.

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