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Jul 31, 2016
Not sure what this is about but I'm sure it could be a mistake NEW
by: Roger Bateson

I would do everything I could to fix this problem yes as you are interested in my company I'm interested in your company ,I'm sure there is a reason for this but if someone was saying this about my company I would fix it , just saying if it was my company on blast

Jan 11, 2016
I have never had a client named Lindsey... NEW
by: C. Bultman

... and the post makes no sense.

Jan 08, 2016
Barn for reclamation NEW
by: Jeff

I personally own a large wooden barn that was built somewhere in the mid 1860’s (from what we have been told). I would love to see the wood, or portions of the wood, be brought back to life in new projects as opposed to being destroyed and never seen again. We are located in north central Indiana. It measure approximately 58 feet x 30 feet and is two story with a hay loft on either side. If you would be interested and would like more information, please feel free to contact me with any inquiries.
Phone number:7658910574
Or email [email protected]

Dec 15, 2015
Thank you for stealing from us. NEW
by: Lindsay W.

We hired Chuck to renovate part of our home, and it was nothing but a disaster. One of the HUGE mistakes is that he didn't design the outside of our home until the inside was finished? This left us with a largely ruined exterior and a complete lack of forethought. When we challenged his design of putting a mudroom exterior door RIGHT NEXT to a kitchen exterior door we were told, "are you an architect?" He may do a great job of filling in barns with amenities, but the only thing he possesses outside this "talent" is an ego. Unbelievable. Still can't believe we were talked into employing this guy.

Aug 09, 2014
Our barn home with Charles Bultman, architect NEW
by: Liezl Craig

My husband & I have had the pleasure of working with Charles Bultman on my dream barn home. His historical and design knowledge of these amazing structures is second to none in our opinion. It was very important to us to preserve and showcase our barn in its true and natural state and Chuck has accomplished this exquisitely. It was also very important to have a safe home and when you are relocating a 150+ year old barn to a different state to become your home, there are countless things to consider...including building codes. The entire process has been a wonderful experience and quite an education! We loved the idea and the barn when we started this project, and now that we are days away from moving into our amazing barn home, we love it all the more. When it comes to a project of this nature, there are exponentially more "issues" to address than in typical construction. Without Chuck's experience and dedication to this project, I can truly say that these challenges could not have been solved successfully on our own or by a traditional architect or contractor. If you are considering a project involving an old barn and preservation, history, and safety are important to you, then your choice is easy. We recommend Charles Bultman with the absolute highest level of confidence!

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