Custom sizes, bent spacing, lofts, and cupolas

by David Michaelson
(Barboursville Va.)

I was looking to build a barn structure that is 28 x 46 with a second floor loft apartment for a care taker. I was looking a a gable design with a cupola.

I see you standard designs but would you offer anything in this foot print or would I need to go to one of your standard designs. Also what is the cost of the kit for a standard gable design with loft and cupola.

Hi David,

Yes, we can do almost any custom size you like. There are a few limitations on the designs but not to many. We can certainly design a 28x46. Typically our bents or "poles" are spaced at 10' intervals, which results in the buildings we offer ending up at lengths that are divisible by 10'.

It just works more efficient that way. With yours we would just space those bents or "poles" at a spacing that is divisible by 46' so it would be around 9' 2" or so. Or we could make 2 bents spaced at 8' and the rest spaced at 10' to accomplish the length you require. Either way works for us although the later of the two would be easier to construct.

All of our kits except the king post come with a cupola and loft standard.

Barn Geek

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