Hand Hewn 48 x 50 Barn - Wilmington OH

by Raymond Friend
(Leesburg Ohio)

This barn is 48' wide and 50' deep, with bents spaced 12' apart. It has massive 10" x 10" hand hewn posts. There's a swing beam on the second bent from the left, which makes the center section 24' wide, and means this barn only has 4 interior posts. With so much open space, this barn would make a great event center. The barn is 12' high to the eave, 19' to the purlins, and 26'6'' to the peak. Dates to 1850-1870. The barn is still standing. It has been well protected with wood and metal siding.

The price for this frame is $46,000. This includes us carefully dismantling the frame, taking it back to our shop, and fixing or replacing any broken timbers using traditional timber framing techniques. This also includes all the framing members, posts, plates, braces, etc. and all of the rafters carefully wire brushed and cleaned. The barn will be ready to put right back up on your foundation.

We can provide multiple references and you can come and see this barn plus some of our completed & current projects. Call the Barn & Cabin Friend LLC at (937) 668-9619 or email [email protected]

Please visit www.barnandcabinfriend.com for more pictures of this barn and other barns we have for sale.

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