King post truss post and beam barn kits

These king post truss barns are perfect for farm stands, pavilions, carports, and garages. The best choice if you don’t need loft space but still want that great post and beam look.

Maybe you just want a single floor simple garage but you want it to compliment your timber frame home design or log home design. This barn design is a great option. This classic timber frame design allows you to have that great post and beam look in your garage. There are many uses for this great design.

Get a post and beam pavilion kit and…

1. Enjoy a picnic while relaxing in the shade of your new king post pavilion.

2. Set up a farm stand and sell your produce while providing your customers a shady area to browse in.

3. Tether your horses and have a great place to take a break after a day of trail riding.

4. Park your vehicles and trailers under its big timber trusses.

Get a king post garage kit and..

1. Protect that special project. Weather it be a classic car, an antique tractor, an old buggy, or whatever treasure you have, you can house it in a garage that fits its style.

2. Accessorize your timber frame or log home with a garage that reflects your home’s style.

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