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Location for my Barn

by Omayra
(Orlando, FL)

Is it a good idea to build a 3 stall barn in front of my house instead of the back? I have a 3 1/2 acre parcel and the previous owners placed the house far back on the property, there is space to put a barn in the back but since we have more space in the front my husband was thinking maybe we should build it in the front, is that a good thing to do?


Well, it really depends on your goals and what you intend to use the barn for. It is possible that having your barn in the front would be an advantage, say if you want to run some sort of business out of it where you can interact with customers away from your house.

I would suggest writing down your goals with your husband and go through the pros and cons of any particular location. Do that, and I am sure the right spot will reveal itself.

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