Old 80 X 50 Barn Carlisle, PA

by Aaron Harshman
(Worcester, MA)

Carlisle, PA Barn For Sale
Barn is being torn down to allow for a landing strip for the Life Lion Helicoper and a Police Helicoper to be built on that site.

Excellent Condition -
only damage is 2 holes in the front corner at the bottom of the roof in front
The rest of the barn is clean and shows no damage
Barn was used for beef - not a dairy barn for the last 30 years

80'x50' size of barn - built in the late 1880s

Lumber - all the uprights are 12" x 8"
main ceiling rafters are also 12' x 8"
barn is put together with pegs
roof joists are 6" x 3" and 16' long
crossbeams under the roof are in excellent shape 12" x 7"
bottom floor has 50' beams honed on 2 sides
some beams are 15" x 15"
all exterior tongue and groove - German siding - good condition with
only a few pieces missing
all exterior louvers are in good shape - a few pieces of louvers are
Barn floor is 3" thick - made of a variety of woods - the interior
height - floor to ceiling is 45' -50'

Price for the Barn (As it stands) - $19,000
We work with an Amish contractor - he will dismantle the barn for you and can rebuild as well if you have interest in that
Must begin dismantle by March 1. 2016

Pricing of rebuilding barn negotiable upon request. Hauling also negotiable.

For full list of pictures please look here.

To discuss this barn or the wood please call 717-860-98 eight seven. (John Young)
Or email [email protected] dot com

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