Old 90X40 Gambrel or hip roof Barn Vermontville, MI

by Mark O
(Vermontville, MI)

Front view of barn

Front view of barn

Front view of barn
South end of barn
Inside roof and hayloft
South side of barn, hayloft side

Old Gambrel or hip roofed barn 90X40 ~35'tall.

The Barn has asphalt shingles over cedar shakes and Weathered red wood siding, it has 3/4 X 8" planks, and rough saw beams.

There is a full hayloft on the South side, and unused beams and wood in loft.

There are some holes in the roof, and the south side of barn is beginning to break down. There is one cracked beam on the south side and one on the north side of barn.

The barn has concrete stanchions under the hayloft. There are 5 door openings in the barn including 2 sliding main wood planked doors, and the now metal non moving back door. There is also a smaller sliding door in middle of barn.

The barn has three divided areas on the main floor of the barn. There is also a trap door in hayloft floor. I am not sure of the age of the barn but it is OLD and BIG!

If you're interested in recycling this barn, not free, for a cost, contact me at momara@centurytel.net

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