Renovated 80x41 hay barn including horse box stalls new roof, 3 entrance pull down metal doors, & windows in 2000 Armada Twp, Mi.

by Kate
(Armada Twp, Mi. U.S.A.)

My hay barn was contructed in the late 1880's. It was completely remodeled in 1972 for storage & farm animals...
namely horses. Re-inforced structure, new electricity,
new roof, new box stalls, painted, & repaired exterior.

My family & I have owned it for 40 years this fall.
It was remodeled again in roof,
entry metal pull down doors (3), new windows, and
new paint on the exterior. Due to the excellent
condition of the barn & investments/care, I am
requesting only serious buyers contact me that may
afford a purchase of an expensive historical building.
I have a smaller barn 30'X18'10''...also new roof,
and windows. Both buildings contain beams, and beautiful
barn wood. Please contact me immediately since I am planning to move from the property soon!

You may reach me at [email protected], or

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Whitesnake Farm Gothic Basement Barn

by Julian Sapala

🔹Barn Type: Basement Barn, raised on stone foundation.

🔹Exterior Features:

-Roof Type: Gothic Roof Framing. The rafters are bent so that no framing obstructs the loft.

-Footprint: Rectangular

-Access Levels: Multi-level Access (Eaves Side Bank)

-Entries: 2 Large Doors on Eaves Side

-Visible Exterior Alterations: Milking Parlor

🔹Interior Features:

-Wooden Grain Bin

-Wooden Hay Loft

-Alterations on Stable Level: In the early 20th century, government regulations resulted in renovations of many barn stables. To comply with sanitation requirements, dirt floors and wood stalls were replaced with concrete floors and metal stanchions. More windows were added, and sometimes ventilation systems were installed.

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Early 1900's dairy barn 56x34 for sale in Mi.

by Judy slack
(Mt. Pleasant. Mi.usa)

Stone foundation, lower level 36 round tree trunk beams, 6 hand-hewn sq. beams, one sq. hand-hewn down middle, upper level many hand-hewn beams, roof still in good condition.

Also a grainery to be dismantled. Want a Co. with a crew insured. Barn looks just like the one on this site at the top of page. 10,000 or best offer. Close to Mt. Pleasant, Mi. 989-773-3335

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