Old Log Barn - Piedmont, North Carolina

by Roberta
(Mocksville, North Carolina)

This is an 18 X 22 ft. log barn with attached porches on two sides and plank sheds on the other two sides. Total dimensions are 45 X 49 feet.

Logs are 6 X 10 hand hewn from old growth timber. Two of the logs are 6 X 18 sawn. The boards in the floor, small loft area and side door are 10 to 12 inches wide. The weathered outside boards are one inch deep and up to 12 inches wide.

The barn was used for hay storage. Three cowstalls are attached to the south side and the north side has an open wagon shed with an attached deteriorating chicken house extending beyond it.

The entire building is roofed with tin which has been kept painted. It is the oldest structure on a fourth generation farm and was built approximately 1900. Other buildings on the farm could be made available. It will have to be moved.

For more information call 336-406-0080.

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