Old Open Mow Barn 40 x 60 - Iowa

by Greg Nielsen
(Eldora, Iowa)

Barn for Sale near Eldora, Iowa. This is an open Mow/loft barn. the hay lofts are on either side in the lean areas. It has native lumber beams and posts that are at least 20 foot long. The exterior siding is mostly covered with tin, but the old barn boards are still in place underneath. I would like to retain the east side to continue to use it for storage.

Also available is a 20 x 30 wood grain bin. Very solid with native 3x12 x 20' joists for sale.

I will expect cleanup of site upon completion. Price is negotiable as I just want the material to be reused by someone before it isnt worth anything.

Please contact Greg @ [email protected] or 641-858-7669

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