Post and Beam Barn designs, kits, and plans

Which of these post and beam barn designs shows your own unique style?

Gambrel barn designs
Here you will find several gambrel barn designs. The gambrel roof became popular on barns after the American Civil war. The Gambrel barn design allowed farmers to increase the size of their loft space without making the barn any bigger.

Gable Barns
These traditional timber frame barn kits are inspired by the old high gable barns found near the Grand River in Michigan. High pitched barns are one of the oldest barn designs. Farmers of old needed a very steep pitched roof on their barns for a few reasons.

Backyard Sheds Kits

We are not talking about your average backyard sheds. This outdoor shed is designed to stand the test of time. You can use yours for a garden storage shed, a chicken coop, or small livestock house.  

*Available in a limited shipping area. 

Free Barn Plans Book!

Free barn plans book Here is a great book with over 300 barn and farmhouse plans.

A post and beam barn is a barn that makes a lasting impression!

How much

respect will your new "old" barn earn you?

How much respect do you have for great-great grandpa? Knowing he built his barn to last for generations and generations.

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