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Reclaiming Barn Wood and High School Students

by Aaron Fay
(North Burbs Chicago)


I'm an Environmental Science teacher at a high school north of Chicago. I'm interested in exposing my students to practical reuse of materials and how recycling can be a business opportunity as well as environmental.

Is the process of dismantling barns something that is accessible for students? I'm not really interested in dismantling the whole barn, just learning how the process is done and how the business of selling salvage lumber works.

I have some spare time (summer perk) and would be willing to volunteer so that I could learn for my students. Thank You for you time.

Hello Aaron,

Thank you for your question. I admire you for your efforts, in teaching your students something practical to take into the marketplace. I would be happy to give you any advice you need. As far as some on the job experience... we don't do reclamation projects anymore.


There are several barn reclamation companies who subscribe to our newsletter. I will send this out to our newsletter and we should see a few responses below.

Have a Great Day!


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