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What is Barn wood worth?

by Rhonda Helming
(Southern Indiana)

We have torn down several old buildings/barns on our property. Now we are wanting to sell the barn wood, plus we have about 20 hand hewn timbers. We don't know what to charge for them. Could you help me out?


Hi Rohnda,

Thank you for your question. I get this question a lot and the short answer is, (drum roll here) it depends.

I would love to tell you that there is one price per board foot on barnwood across the board and that is it, and all there is to it, but like anything that is used, it just isn't that simple.

There are just so many factors that it is impossible to even appraise a piece of barn wood on site. There are questions that come up like:

Do you want to sell it all at once? or one six foot piece at a time?

Do your beams have several defects like mortise pockets, and rafter notches?

What is the color of the beam or board like? Is it brown, grey?

Does it have paint on it?

Is there lead paint on it?

Are there a lot of nails? or other metal?

Are there large cracks?

Is there insect damage? How much?

What species is it?

Even when you answer all of those questions there are others that deal with who you are trying to sell to.

Are they a manufacturer of flooring? a furniture maker? a homeowner? a wholesaler? and so on and so on...

So how much is barn wood worth? Sadly the most accurate answer is, it depends.

Don't worry though I am not going to leave you without at least one piece of advice that you can go out and use today.

My best advice for you would be to get offers from folks who are looking for barn beams. Place ads on different websites or even your own local newspaper.

You can list your barn wood for sale for free here at barngeek.com. Once you start getting calls and emails ask for offers and take the one that best works for you.

You may get calls from folks who want to buy a six foot long piece for a mantle. Or you may get calls from folks who want to buy the whole lot. Or you may get calls from folks who want any quantity in between.

Consider all of the questions above and all the time and effort you put in to the work and come up with pricing that best suits you, in your unique situation.

I wish you all the best in your endeavor and thank you for your efforts in reclaiming some of our unique American Heritage.

Best Regards,
The Barn Geek

Comments for What is Barn wood worth?

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Jan 17, 2013
Value of your reclaimed lumber
by: Craig Friederich

Hello Rhonda,
If you could send me photo's and quantity of what you have I may be able to make you an offer for what you have available. I would be interested in large quantities. Please sent your info to;
[email protected] or you may call me at 651-308-3999.

Jan 18, 2013
How much is it worth
by: Element Reclamation

As a newby in the industry as well, your question is the big one. It all depends on the wood and who you can get to look at it. I do a wholesale operation with little overhead in Northern IL. I store my wood outdoors (stickered and covered)on a gravel lot. I advertise on craigslist so my customers vary from woodworkers to the crafter that wants one piece. I am currently selling cedar and fir at about $2 a board foot. This is a fire sale price but I'm more interested in moving it out than sitting on it for a couple of bucks more. The more someone wants the lower the price goes. I usually stay firm on the rough sawn beams but then again no one has offered to buy more than one or two. If they were hand hewn you can ask more.
To feel out my customers I ask them what they are looking for in a price and quantity rather than setting a price like a store. This way I can judge on the spot what will work to sell the most wood and make a profit.
This helps me earn a fair reputation and will bring people back as I collect higher quality woods.
So that doesn't really answer the question but like the post was answered its all relative to the wood, customer and demand.

Apr 14, 2015
by: Anonymous


Jan 13, 2016
Hand Hewn Barn Beams for sale NEW
by: Jason

I have at least 3000 board foot of hand hewn barn beams (10"by10") and (8"by8"). Lengths are from 5 ft to 30 ft long. If anyone is interested in purchasing all of them or just one please let me know. Thank you very much.

Sep 03, 2016
I have a barn for sale NEW
by: Anonymous

How do I post my barn for sale? I have a huge old barn which has lots of old beautiful wood. What price do I start at?

Oct 26, 2016
Rough Sawn Oak & Rough Sawn Beams From Old Barn NEW
by: Brent

I have for sale :
4/4 rough sawn oak 51/2" wide, 5' to 9'-10" long, about 103 Bd. FT.
6/4 rough sawn oak 31/2" to to 71/2" wide, and 7' to 16' long, about 463 Bt. Ft.
All de-nailed
Rough Sawn Barn Beams 4" x 4" x 5' to 11'
6" x 6" x 4' to 15'-6"
6" x 8" x 11' to 15'
About 797 Bd. Ft.
All Not De-Nailed

I would like to sell all in one lot. I will consider all SERIOUS bids. I can text you pictures.

You are resonsible for picking up and hauling.

Contact number 1-765-585-0739

Jan 13, 2017
i have barn wood forsale NEW
by: nate

i have a bunch of barn wood to sale plz contact me if interested 812 581 9477

Jan 15, 2017
How to price old barn beams NEW
by: Dave

I got sum old hued barn beams how can i find out wcan i find out what their worth and who to sale them to and how you would price them

Jan 19, 2017
Carlisle Lumber Co. Onalaska, Washington Siding NEW
by: dan

I have roughly 500 ln. Ft. of tounge and groove siding off an old barn that is stamped by the Carlisle Lumber Co. from Onalaska, washington. This wood is pre- depression era wood and is beautiful. Mostly 4' lengths but some larger. I want to sell it all and am looking for a serious buyer for this historic lumber. The Carlisle Lumber Co. has quite the history and this wood is part of american history. Comments or serious inquiries please contact me at [email protected]

Mar 02, 2017
Over ten different types of barn wood for sale NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm located about fifteen minutes west of the twin cities I have about ten kinds of wood from multiple barns. Mainly wood red stained white oak pine Douglas fir true 2by8 2by6 1by 6. Ship lap. Dutch lap rough sawn. Many different combinations. Call for particulars. Katie 612 401 7200

Mar 10, 2017
Built in !896 and beginning to fall. NEW
by: Steve in southeast TN.

1/3 of the roof has hand hued shingles , covered by 50 yr. old heavy gauge tin . All the beams are put together with wooden dowels . 6"to 12" boards some 14 ft long (most oak)...Approx: 40 by 60 ft. A lot of people have an interest in taking it down . But I really do not know much I should ask for the old barn ???

Apr 07, 2017
90 yr old barn wood NEW
by: wendy wilson

I also have a barn built in the 20s and having trouble pricing the wood. It is in great condition. It is a huge barn so quantity isn't a problem. eastern CO l

May 24, 2017
Barn beams for sale NEW
by: Scott

We have a 40x 50 barn we are dismantling in Allegan Mich. All hewn beams 10x10 up to 11x14s if interested please contact me at 269-274-9389

Jul 11, 2017
22-20ft tobacco barn wooden beams NEW
by: layna

My father in law has 22 -20 foot oak wood beams that he recycled from 100plus year old tobacco barns he dismantled. Would love to sale them as a lot but all serious offers will be considered. 9415494121 I have pictures of anyone is interested. Thank you

Aug 27, 2017
Historic freak NEW
by: Susan

I just had unbelievable barn taken down that was built around 1836 . all beams are hand hewn up to 4pft 10x10. Tons of siding excellent shape have boards over 20 inches wide. I believe mostly old growth poplar. Also have approx 750 sq ash antique flooring random width from 1840s. 812 599 8442.

Dec 06, 2017
Barnyard Lumber from Corral NEW
by: Philip

Disassembled the corral that was in connection with our barn. The saved lumber is mostly white oak. The boards are 1" by 6", 8 and 10 foot - about 150 usable boards. It is good lumber with all of the nails pulled. 573-743-6830 central time

Dec 15, 2017
Old 1900 heavy wood NEW
by: Rick

I am tearing down 3 stories of 1900 built apartments. It two roof structures with a lot of wood beams. I will send pics. Should I cut and square up for top price or sell as is etc. call me Rick at 918-310-5699 thanks

Jan 10, 2018
Old rough cut fir barn boards NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a stack of old rough cut barn boards roughly 4' X 4' X 9' for sale to best offer. they are not denailed but I will do that for the buyer. Lenths from 5' to 9'. I dont think there is any paint. [email protected] Located in Veneta, Or.

Jan 24, 2018
Trying to get a fair price for my old barn wood NEW
by: James Bell

I have one by sixes one by fours two by fours four by fours all in really good shape some 16 ft long you can call me at 830 406 8368 long

Mar 14, 2018
1800's log 2 story home NEW
by: Monequtia

I have a early 1800's log home, with beautiful wood not sure what type of wood, but the home sits on big old rock borders, I am looking to sell all there wood at one time. Thanks

May 06, 2018
Barn boards for sale NEW
by: Anonymous

​I have 42 boards ranging from 5' to 9' long, 4" to 15" wide and 1" to 4" thick. They are all cut from hand hewn barn beams. We were told they came from a barn in northern Missouri that was over 100 years old. Some have wood dowels still in them, some have live edges. Have not seen any nails.

I have a lot of pictures but don't know how to post them here. Contact me if you would like to see them. [email protected]

Jun 21, 2018
Old barn NEW
by: Don

I have an old barn that is collapsing. I would like to sell as much of the word as possible. Contact me at Starks [email protected]

Jun 24, 2018
Old post and Beam Chestnut Barn NEW
by: Tracy

Old post and Beam Barn will be taken down and will be sold all together or parts. Siding is fir and poplar and the posts and Beams are all hand hewn chestnut!

Make me an offer
662-444-2161 Vic

Aug 12, 2018
1870s barn NEW
by: John Smith 859-999-0196

hello, I have a barn built in late 1800s.it is still standing and has never been painted or stained. has hand cut timbers l. includes 14x14x16,16x16x30 and much more... want to sell can u help I can dismantle of buyer can

Aug 29, 2018
Barn stall wood for sale NEW
by: Robert

Bank barn lower level has 36 stalls - previously used for dairy farming in 1950’s then horse stalls.

Dismantling lower level for remodeling.

Location of wood West Chester PA 19382

Sep 12, 2018
Sell your barn wood NEW
by: Barn Classifieds

I've been reading through these comments and I'm finding exactly what I found everywhere else - people have barns and barn wood to sell and don't know where to do it. That's what lead me to create BarnClassifieds.com. You can create your ad for free (for a little while, at least) and let everyone know you're out there. Good luck!

Nov 14, 2018
Taking down There old tobacco barns 20×22 ? NEW
by: Cowboy

Hi, greater process taking down three tobacco barns one is like a storage for what are stored cornmeal I've already taken the small one down took pictures of it start on the big one in the next couple days the back of Barnes approximately 20 by 22 I don't know what the value of the wood is on it but I'm sure it's worth something any offer would be consideredtrying to raise money to buy a house for a double-wide to put on the property due to the fact that we can't find another home to rent because of our dogs and we are currently living in one of the back of Barnes now so like I said any awful be considered I got plenty of pictures and everything before we start and finishso if you have any questions and want to make an offer please email me at [email protected] thank you for taking time to read this God bless Cowboy

Dec 24, 2018
Antique wood appraisal and purchasing NEW
by: Anonymous

Please call Ben Sproles for any antique wood information. Although information is limited over the phone or email. Mr. Sproles will send someone too you for a quote.

Please contact:
[email protected]
or call 706-424-6633

Feb 27, 2019
5 maybe 6 old barns to remove from property NEW
by: AnonymouDavids

I have 5 large (maybe 6) large OLD barns to remove from property. Beams, long and short boards, old doors, etc that would make absolutely beautiful anything you want to do with it. Located in North Central Kansas. Anyone interested please reply.

May 08, 2019
Barn for sale
by: Kelly

Im not for sure what type of wood it is but the size is 63 1/2 x 45 1/2. It’s a big barn with a second story loft that’s almost as big as the downstairs. My great grandfather built this barn in late 50’s/early 60’s. The barn is still standing and is in great shape, I just don’t need it and would like to have the spot cleared off so I can maybe build a house there someday. If you think you might be interested, I can send you pictures. But now I don’t know what type of wood but it’s great wood especially considering the barn is still standing and it’s built on top of a hill and been through quite a few storms in its lifetime. But we think it’s hickory or oak? You might be able to tell in the pictures.

Jul 05, 2019
barn siding
by: Scarlet

If we tear a small barn down to get discount on the siding - how much should we expect to pay for the siding?

Aug 22, 2019
Barnwood 100 year old barn NEW
by: Chris Kauffman

I have a 100 year old barn we just took down. There's a roughly 25 ft beam in it. What price do beams go for? I also have alot of barnwood to sell.

Sep 30, 2019
Barnwood for sale
by: Anonymous

I have a barn from 1880 that needs torn down. I am looking to sell the barn and you tear down and haul. I am willing to tear down and you haul if the price is right. I have plenty of pictures. 516-979-7992 if you’re interested.

Dec 02, 2019
carriage house still up and dry as a bone.
by: Anonymous

I have many 8x8x25ft. rough sawn hand hewned timbers along with 8x6x25 ft. hand hewned many 6x4x14ft floor beams. plus 4x3x12ft roof rafters, much original shiplap siding many ft of 1 1/4 x8 x16ft well worn flooring plankswhat is it worth if I remove and stack it dry. simply amazing beams!
someone please lmk. plus several 100 ft of 2 38" unstained unpainted bead board planking. simply amazing material! Oneida county NY

Dec 06, 2019
Oak Barn Wood for Sale
by: Cheryl

1 12x521/2
2 3/12x521/2
6 71/2x521/2
8 51/2x521/2
4 101/2x521/2
This has been milled to a 1 inch . It came from a 100 plus barn in Madison , Alabama . It has been in my home since the mid 90s . I have more but I have
not removed it yet . The wood is in excellent condition . Its patina is dark black . If interested contact [email protected]

Jan 17, 2020
Cheap lumber NEW
by: Nate

I have several hundred feet of grey and brown board, mostly oak with some Walnut and some hickory. Boards range from 36"-5'L x 5"-15"W x 3/4"T. All clean of nails and debris and squared off on the ends. Will deliver it order is big enough.email Nate at [email protected] to talk price.(will sell cheap)

Mar 01, 2020
Old barn
by: Anonymous

There is an old barn on our property that is being sold commercial. Everything will be torn down by the buyer. I’d hate to see the old barn wood go to the dump. What should I charge for the wood if they have to take it down themselves? Not looking to make a bunch a money. Just looking a lump sum to take all they want.

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